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Assessment & Outcomes

A Brief History

The Highline Communicaton Studies Department launched a comprehensive evaluation plan of student learning in its speech courses in 2002. Because 15-20 sections of the basic hybrid speech course (CMST& 101, Introduction to Communication) are taught each quarter, we decided to focus our energy in this area first and expand to include the speech 200 level courses over time.

Our initial goal was to assess the five key student learning outcomes for Speech 100 (now CMST& 101 - Introduction to Communication) established by the department in 1994 and refined in 2000. We wanted to determine to what degree our students were learning the objectives of the course. We also wanted to know how well students were doing with presentations, specifically persuasive speeches.

In addition, we felt motivation was a key element, so in our first year of assessment we incorporated a student motivation piece.

In 2004-05 (Speech 200--Multicultural Communication (now CMST& 200 - Intercultural Communication); Speech 210--Interpersonal/Small Group Communication (now CMST& 210 - Interpersonal Communication and CMST& 230 - Small Group Communication), and Speech 213 --Presentation Skills (now CMST& 220 - Public Speaking) were included in the assessment process, and are currently in varying stages of development.

We see this as an evolutionary process, and we are continually refining and improving our assessment practices . . . “it’s the journey, not the destination”.

The material contained on this web page provides outcomes for all of the communication studies courses, measurement methods, results of assessment, and a discussion of the changes and refinement of the process and pedagogy as they evolved over time.

Vickie Ropp, Ph.D.
Communication Studies Department Assessment Coordinator
Highline Community College
2400 S. 240th St. (PO Box 98000)
Des Moines, WA 98198-9800
206-878-3710, ext. 3434