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The Communication Studies Department at Highline College was recognized by the Western States Communication Association in 2003 as the Outstanding Community College Communication Program in the West.

In the Communication Studies Department, highly qualified, creative, and talented instructors coach students to develop and use competent intrapersonal, interpersonal, group process, and public communication skills.

We continually develop and revise our introductory communication course, as well as specific specialized courses. We also provide students with opportunities to  develop rich and varied real-life communication skills.

How can the new Public Speaking Center help you?

  • Free 30-minute sessions with a coach.
  • Assistance with individual or small group assignments.
  • Help with confidence, content, organization & delivery.
  • Feedback on presentation style, organization andvisual aids.
  • Video-taping the session is optional.

Reserve your one-on-one sesssion →

For more information contact Lisa Voso (206) 592-4279.
(Center open July 10 through August 17, 2017)

Video Resources

The Communication Studies Department developed the Public Speaking and Delivery video for use in any class to help you with preparing for a speech or presentation. Covering such things as notes, vocals, gestures, clothing, and practice, you're sure to have a sparkling presentation in your next class.


Contact Information

Phone: (206) 592-4037