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Why Major in Communication Studies?  

Because you enjoy working with people!

[Note:  Some programs are called Communication Studies.  These tend to focus on human communication -- interpersonal and intercultural communication, public speaking, small group communication, etc.  Other programs are called Communications (with an "s").  These tend to focus on mass communication, journalism, public relations, etc.]

Here at Highline:

Students wishing to eventually major in Communication Studies or Communications will follow an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree plan (see requirements and planning sheet).

In consultation with a Communication Studies faculty advisor (see list of Communication Studies faculty), you might instead choose to complete a Method 2 A.A. degree – concentrating your A.A. studies by choosing three Communication Studies courses that will transfer to your 4-year university Communication Studies or Communications degree program.

When you are Planning Your Transfer:

The National Communication Association also provides a list of universities and colleges offering Communication Studies degree programs.

The National Communication Association lists twenty-two areas of concentration from which Communication Majors can choose -- including health communication, mediation/dispute resolution, organizational communication, political communication, and so much more.  Each university or college will have their own array of specialities for you to choose from.

What you Can Do With your Communication Studies Degree in Hand:

Olivet College offers an interesting list of career options for Communication Studies majors.  Florida State University's Career Center has compiled a list of occupations, work settings, and resources with helpful information for Communication Studies majors.

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